About Us

We know how we were all impacted during the Covid Outbreak in 2020.  For  a great many of us, the changes were palpable.  Our family issues were comparable to most.

A corporate sales professional at the time, athletics at all levels, in essence, ceased to operate.  As a result of the outbreak, I understood that it would not be long before I would become a "covid-casualty."  I wasn't wrong.  The call came in late August of '20.  Though angry and disappointed, I understood and was eager to move on.  

Bouncing back?  Never an issue for me. 48 hours to process my new reality was truly all I needed.  Fortunately, my Spouse, in an uncanny coincidence shared my same thought process and resilience.  

A child of the Industrial Arts period in 70's-80's Middle School/High School, I have always had a passion for woodworking.  As a result, for much of the 7 years, prior to the outbreak, I had been dabbling in creating pieces for friends, family, and my local fellow cigar enthusiasts.  The  reception to and interest in my work was genuine and extremely positive, by those who requested my pieces, giving me the confidence to realize that my hands and eyes were true.  Combine that confidence with a love of all things cigars and bourbon and The Gant Collective was born!

There is a passion behind my work that you can see in each piece.  It comes from my true appreciation for the raw material... the wood.  I truly am passionate and humbled by the opportunities I have to utilize some of Mother Nature's best work, in my efforts to provide each end user with a piece that, when properly maintained, can last a lifetime.

With 500 plus sold, shipped to 29 States, to date, it has been clear that these statement pieces are appreciated by many in the Bourbon and Cigar Community.  I hope you find a piece that speaks to you here.  My guess is that you will!